Mandy felt lonely… [results of her coaching experience]

“I realize I’m just too lonely. And I’m finding that I have to occupy myself more often to stop feeling this way. Ugh! …Oh gosh! I feel embarrass about all this emotional feeling.”

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She doesn’t like being a woman… (and who can blame her)

Natasha feels judged and disrespected. Unhappy being female in today’s society. If she expresses her femininity she feels ‘treated like an object’.

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Scientific Evidence Of Women’s Heart-Based Intuition

New brain research proves that women’s hearts are generally more emotionally attuned than men’s…

No great surprise there, but the implications run deep.

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The Heroine’s Journey for Authenticity and Intimacy

Transformational Journeys for Authenticity & Intimacy: Curios Possibilities ~ A Magic Wand ~ Crossing The Threshold ~ Journey Begins

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15k+ views on ElephantJournal: Key To Authentic Intimacy

My debut article for Elephant Journal has just published with over 2,500 likes within a few short hours.

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The 8 Yoga Sutras For Intimate Conscious Relationship

This is the goal of Yoga in terms of romantic loving relationship as I see it.

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Finding Intimacy Through Yoga – Part 1

You’ve probably seen videos of Yoga Moms and Dads holding Asana’s together along with their teeny tiny baby’s…

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Sex, Tantra and Enlightenment

Have you ever experienced energetic waves streaming up your spine, washing over your head, and tingling through your hands?

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Emotional Connection Voted Top Priority For Good Sex By 500 Women

50% of women voted they want more sex. Yet, the ‘frequency of sexual activity’ actually pales in comparison to the desire for…

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He Found Intimacy With His Partner Only After Becoming Impotent [video]

Michael went from the most shallow understanding of human intimacy to the heights of human intimacy.

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