Solving The Battle Of The Sexes

"Are We Seeking The Same Thing... But Approaching It From Conflicting Physiology?"

New Love Science Says YES!

New brain research proves that women's hearts are more emotionally open than men's (in general)...

... and why men protect their ego-based identity before they can relax into love.

If only both sexes could better relate to each other... and pace the dating and courtship process accordingly — relationships could become EASY as you unite through deep emotional bonding. 

Because ultimately: men want that same sweet loving devotion that you want...

And a new dating method for graduated authentic intimacy called The Intimacy Code holds the key. ​

Revealed in our brand new 3-day course on intimacy 100% FREE!​

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Why Authentic Intimacy Matters So Much

What good is a long-term relationship if it's not built on integrity, loving harmony, sexual satisfaction and fulfilling romance?  

In this FREE Introductory Course you'll learn why men pull away, how you might be scaring them off, and what makes the good one’s commit.

The Battle of the Sexes ceases to exist through mutual respect and admiration that comes from a deeper understanding and open communication from both partners.

Our introductory course preps you for soul-level connection with a man (whether you're single or already in relationship) by revealing how the modern day man thinks of women, dating and relationship and what doubts and fears men have with 'commitment'. 

Inside Our New 3-Day Free Introductory Course On Understanding Male Intimacy

When you enroll, you're not just going to receive a quick-read download and then get asked to upgrade. You'll be guided on a 3-day journey that will transform your outlook and optimism for achieving authentic romance with deep insight into male psychology and the modern man's emotional needs for deeper connection. 

Day 1: A Poetic Letter Exposing Man’s Beliefs About Intimacy

The 9 reasons men abandon relationships and the 5 critical experiences they must have with you before they can invest their heart. (yes, men do have hearts :)

Day 2: Revealing The Questions Men Have For Women About Dating, Relationship and Intimacy

In today’s letter we explore modern man’s two vital requests he has for you that create the right tone of communication and connection for heartfelt authentic intimacy. Plus — the first thing high-value men look for in a woman every single time.

Day 3: Why Men Make Dating Difficult & The Heroic Validation They Are Searching For In Both You & Him

The six barriers you face along the road to loving harmony and the 5 emotional experiences men crave so they can take that journey with you towards romantic bliss.

The Intimacy Code Is Helping Women From 20's-50's Connect With Men At The Deepest Level 

The goal is always authenticity. No uncertainties, no doubts, no false assumptions, no conflicting expectations. Just pure, loving, romantic harmony built on a bridge of insight, understanding, acceptance, admiration and respect. 

Get The Connection You Want

1. Loving Harmony built on Admiration 

To know each other at a deeper level is to love each other. Most men are highly guarded when it comes to sharing their inner world. 

​Learn how a certain form of admiration allows men to feel the growth of loving harmony between you.​

2. Sexual Satisfaction built on Connection

When the time comes for sexual involvement, explicit connection through what you express to each other decides the fate of your sexual satisfaction. 

Get this wrong and it's lights out for lasting relationship. ​​

3. Romantic Bliss built on Celebration

Without a great sense of celebration for life and daily successes, men can not maintain a romantic desire for you. 

Learn about the most precious celebration in a man's life and how you can nurture that so his romance for you can never fade. ​

4. Long-Term Commitment built on Respect

Respect in relationship for a man is not about loyalty. For that he has a pet. In romantic love, respect is about knowing how to respect his time, space, needs, and differences.

Only through deep insight about your man's core values do you have a chance of getting him to commit at a soul-level. ​

5. Mutual Support built on Friendship

You'll build friendship regardless of the speed that you become intimate in a way that does not threaten his sense of self-determination.

Only via supportive friendship without suffocating pressure of expectations can a man relax into the possibilities of long-term commitment. 

Created by Gavriel Shaw:

Qualified life coach and emotion therapist whose programs have helped thousands of people to navigate life with more harmony since 1998.

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