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Three Love Letters

From A Modern Man To Empowered Women

by Gavriel Shaw, Coach & Counselor


Dear Lovers,

​I wrote these love letters in response to the pain and confusion I see in modern dating and early-stage relationships, because:

As it turns out, men and women are seeking the same thing from relationship — but our approach is completely different.

And as you know, this leads to all of the confusion, heartbreak, and wasted time:

  • Men protect their ego-based identity before they can relax into love.
  • A woman’s heart is more emotionally responsive than a man's (scientific fact*).

Such differences as these result in the ‘battle of the sexes’ — where dating is disastrous… matchmaking is a minefield… self-love is sacrificed… and emotional intimacy is neglected.

If only both sexes could do a better job of relating to each other...

…to move at the right pace of emotional involvement; respecting our gender-differences and individual needs, protecting our hearts.

For what good is a long-term relationship if it's not built on integrity, loving harmony, sexual satisfaction and fulfilling romance?

Our goal is authentic intimacy.

No uncertainties, no doubts, no false assumptions, no conflicting expectations.

Just pure, loving, romantic harmony built on a bridge of insight, understanding, acceptance, admiration and respect.

Where relationship becomes EASY as partners unite through deep emotional bonding.

There is a way.

Dear woman,

The letters are written for you.

You'll learn why men pull away, how you might be scaring them off, and what makes a good man commit.

You’ll also learn what they need from modern dating and relationship… how they get ‘serious’ and what encourages them to form profound intimacy with you.

The letters will prepare you for nurturing intimacy (whether you're single or already in relationship) by revealing how the modern-day man think of you in dating, sex, love and relationship — including his doubts and fears about 'commitment'.

Dear modern man,

If you’re ahead of the times, dissatisfied with Tinder, and have a keen eye on the prize of drama-free authentic romance, you’ll feel a sigh of relief to see what I’ve verbalized in these letters. Things we so very much want women to hear from us.

Introducing a new dating method called The Intimacy Code — a code for graduated emotional involvement that protects your interests as a modern man, so you fall in love with an empowered woman who truly knows you and supports your purpose. 

What if we could re-set romance to the very beginning..? Re-write your love story. 

If you long for a more profound level of authentic sharing and deeper intimate connection, you can receive the three love letters, one per day. Click the button above to request the letters and the first will be emailed to you instantly.


Gavriel Shaw

Coach, Counselor, Lover, Friend


Inside the letters:

  • Modern man’s beliefs about Intimacy
  • 9 reasons men abandon relationships
  • 5 critical experiences man needs before investing their heart.
  • Questions men have for women about dating, relationship and intimacy
  • Modern man’s two vital requests that create the right tone of communication and connection for heartfelt authentic intimacy.
  • The first thing high-value men look for in a woman every single time.
  • Why men make dating difficult
  • The heroic validation men are searching for
  • The six barriers you face along the road to loving harmony

And more.

* “Females are more attuned to information from the heart … especially when the coherent mode is activated … we also found that females were more responsive to prestimulus information than males [i.e. intuitive].” – Electrophysiological Evidence of Intuition: Part 2. A System-Wide Process?, Journal of Alternative And Complementary Medicine Volume 10, Number 2, 2004, pp. 325-336